Demolition Contractors: When Might You Need A Demolition Contractor?

Demolition contractors can be in high demand, and it is important to find a good one. You might need construction contractors who specialise in demolition if a building has become unsafe and needs to be taken down. This might have happened due to poor weather such as high winds or storms which have made the building unstable. It could also be due to the age of the building – older buildings may need to be demolished for health and safety reasons. Demolition might also be needed if a new building is to be erected and the old one needs safe removal before the project can begin.

What Kind Of Permissions Are Needed For Demolition Work By Construction Contractors?

In most cases, special planning permission is not required for work done by demolition contractors UK wide. An exception to this rule is when the local authority has placed an Article 4 direction on the building. This is a special provision made under the Town And County Planning Acts which restricts the normal rights when it comes to development of a site, and that includes demolition. Project managers are advised always to take into account local planning requirements before giving demolition contractors the go-ahead to carry out the work. A good contractor will assist and advise with this if necessary. Under Article 4, there is no presumption that planning permission for a future structure will be granted; nor may you automatically change the use to which the site is put in future. For example, demolishing an old school building and clearing the site may be approved, but planning permission to build houses or flats may not follow. Demolition can also be subject to a prior approval application. This needs to be sought formally from the local council, which will ask for details of how the demolition will be carried out and how the site will be restored afterwards. This is to ensure that demolition is carried out safely with no risk to the public now or in the future. An experienced building demolition or fit out contractors will often be able to deal with this for you. Finally, listed buildings and those in designated conservation areas may require listed building consent (rather than making a planning application) before demolition and advice should be taken on this.

What Different Types Of Demolition Can A Demolition Contractor London Carry Out?

Although you may know that you definitely need a demolition contractor London based, do you know what is required for your particular project? There are various specialisms. One type is interior demolition. This is when the exterior structure of the building remains intact, but all interior walls and ceilings are removed, leaving an empty shell. Another subsector is explosive demolition. A demo contractor may also refer to this as implosion. This type of demolition employs the use of explosives, making it incredibly efficient, but not an option that is viable in many instances. It is highly specialised and can be difficult to arrange due to the proximity of other buildings and people; moreover, the contractors who carry out this work must be licensed professionals. Industrial demolition expertise is required for the removal of buildings that have previously been used for industrial purposes. This might be an oil refinery, a chemical plant or a manufacturing facility, for example; and therefore this type of project may include the safe removal and disposal of hazardous chemicals and/ or materials before demolition can take place. Commercial demolition, unsurprisingly, is the dismantlement of commercial buildings. This can include office buildings, hotels, shops and more. For many of these projects, specialist equipment such as a high reach unit may be required – a long boom arm with a hydraulic attachment for the demolition of buildings that are over 20 storeys. It’s important always to source the right specialist for your project, and that is where Construction Link Limited can help.

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