Curtain Walling Contractors – Tender Specification

Curtain walling contractors may be required for an upcoming project you are managing. Once you have narrowed down your selection to a few contractors you are interested in, you will need to send them an invitation to tender, and the most important part of this document is the specification.

The specification is vital for both the potential construction contractors and the purchasing organisation; it sets out the characteristics that are required. There are two main types of specification. The first is a ‘technical specification’, which stipulates the technical characteristics required, and the second is the ‘functional specification’ that sets the functions that the service is expected to fulfil, including the performance that needs to be achieved. It is then up to the contractors to specify what technical characteristics they will use to achieve this. So, as a rule, you should include expected output or performance, but you do not need to state how this needs to be achieved. Depending on the nature of your project, there are a number of different aspects that may need to be included in the specification. This includes all the following: details of measurement of the work, response times, insurance cover required for contractors, details of free issue materials, any inspections required and at what stages and a schedule of deliveries. The start and finish date, timescales, and any standards to be achieved also need to be included along with the quality and output expected, and estimated maintenance requirements where appropriate.

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