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With C-Link, you can create robust contracts and tender documents for every trade package in minutes.

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When you work on a project with several packages that need a subcontractor, you have to create pre-tender contracts for each package, as well as the subcontract itself. It's a document that needs to be accurate and it takes hours to produce each contract for every package and stage of procurement.

The Contract Builder takes all of the project information that you've input into C-Link. Our template contract, which has been created by one of the top construction law firms in London, takes your project information and produces a contract that is tailored for each package.

You have the option to make changes where appropriate and then issue to every subcontractor on your procurement schedule. When the time comes to convert the pre-tender to a subcontract, you click one button and the language changes to suit the change in requirement.

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How does it work?


When you’re ready to issue the order (or in the case of an enquiry, the tender document), you click on the selected subcontractor to issue order.


You select the contract type from the range available (e.g. JCT Standard Building Subcontract 2016 with Amendments).


Next, answer a short series of questions regarding the project and package.


C-Link generates a template subcontract, pulling the information on your project, package, and appended files.


Once you’ve reviewed the document and made any necessary additions or edits, you click to send the order to the subcontractor.

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