Construction Contractors: What Is A Construction Contractor?

Construction contractors are specialist businesses hired to carry out construction work. However, sometimes more than one type of construction worker will need to be hired for a specific project, depending on the scope of the work. Few firms of contractors will have the skills required to complete an entire project by themselves. In the UK, the construction industry accounts for almost three million jobs, approximately ten percent of all the employment within the country. These jobs cover a wide range of different specialisms. This article gives a brief overview of just a few, as well as how to source the right companies for your project.

Areas Of Work Covered By Building Contractors London Wide And Beyond

The construction industry in the UK is extremely diverse, and covers many different aspects of the building trade. These include general building contractors London and beyond and demolition experts, as well as specialist subsectors such as fit out and flooring contractors, concrete contractors and other aspects relating to property. It is estimated that around three quarters of all construction contractors work is carried out for the public sector, with the last quarter relating to the private sector. Breaking this down still further, the largest proportion of contractor work is on commercial and social buildings and areas. This accounts for approximately forty-five percent of all construction. Next is residential properties, which covers roughly forty percent of construction work carried out in the UK. Finally there is infrastructure – roads, bridges, tunnels and the like – which accounts for the final fifteen percent. When it comes to the construction industry, its economic performance tends to indicate how healthy the wider economy is. If the construction industry is doing well, if increasing numbers of houses are being built or roads being constructed, for example, then, generally, the economy is good. When the economy suffers, investment in construction is one of the first areas to be hit, providing evidence of what is happening on a wider scale.

What To Look For In Demolition Contractors

Key to the success of any building project is accessing the right expertise at the right time and for the right price. One of the first teams of construction contractors you may need on-site are demolition contractors. Any demolition must be rigorously planned beforehand to minimise potential damage to the area around the building that needs to be pulled down. The health and safety of those on-site, and the general public in the surrounding area, is also of paramount importance; otherwise at the very least, your reputation may be at risk. Hiring the right demolition contractor, therefore, is critical if you are to get your project off the ground successfully. The contractor is responsible for the planning of the demolition in general, and must work within the framework of legislation set out regarding demolition. This includes the Health and Safety At Work Act 1974, and the Building Act 1984 (sections 80 to 83). The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has also laid down stringent guidelines regarding demolition, which is why using qualified, experienced contractors is so important. To find the right team for the job, take up references from their past clients on quality of work, professionalism and timeliness: the forward motion of your project depends on having the site cleared efficiently and within a defined timeline.

The Key Role Piling Contractors Play In Construction

Once your site is cleared, the next specialist you may need is the piling contractor. Piling contractors are also known as foundation contractors, which offers a better insight into their role. These skilled tradesmen are responsible for the proper construction and development of the foundations of large, complicated buildings. Obviously, sound foundations are essential when it comes to building any property to prevent instability and collapse; where the structure will be of a considerable size, it is even more important that accurate calculations are made and solid footings laid. Specialists therefore need to be highly trained, experienced and efficient. Concrete piles connect to the footers of the building’s foundation, assisting in distributing the weight of the building evenly. But before this, geotechnical works are necessary to investigate the soil and rock that underpins the piece of land, to ensure it is suitable and safe for building upon. A typical project will therefore begin with a site survey and a review of the construction project overall to determine the requirements for the build generally and the foundations in particular. That is why an experienced specialist is essential for any large-scale building venture.

How To Hire Fit Out Contractors, Cladding Contractors And More

These two examples above give some idea of the importance of finding the best building contractors for your project. Without the right expertise, the whole venture is called into jeopardy. If it is not finished to a high enough standard or in a timely fashion, you may miss a window of opportunity to sell at the desired price. Worse, it may not even be deemed suitable to live in or use safely. Equally, though, whether you’re hiring fit out contractors, cladding contractors or any other kind of specialist, one of your prime considerations will be budget. While you want a good standard of workmanship, and to complete on time, this cannot be at any cost. One of the major issues when procuring a series of teams to work on an ongoing project is waiting times: if your preferred roofing contractors London based are busy elsewhere when they’re needed on your site, you risk environmental damage to the building’s structure, for instance. Planning is the most important, and most difficult, part of any project. It would be ideal if project managers could advertise the project and its key milestones in one place, so that specialists could bid according to their availability. That is now possible if you use the Construction Link Limited platform.

Use Construction Link Limited To Source Reliable Construction Contractors

Good construction contractors are a precious commodity, and a significant amount of time is devoted by professionals to searching for the right specialists for their projects. We at Construction Link Limited have created an online platform that will streamline the procurement process for all construction projects. Whether you are looking for concrete wall contractors to carry out urgent work or planning ahead for an entire demolition and construction project, we can assist. Find out more at and start searching today. If you would prefer to speak to us, call us on 0207 0961158 or email This is the future of construction.

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