Concrete Building Contractors – Focus On What The Buyer Wants

Concrete building contractors need to focus on what the buyer wants when they are putting together a tendering document. This is the only way to give yourself the best chance of wining the proposal. For further information, simply read on.

When you are writing your proposal, it is imperative that you always keep the buyer in mind. You must refer to their needs, and talk about how you are going to solve the issues they are facing. Mention how you have the experience, products, equipment and skills to fulfil their requirements. You also need to make an effort to find as much information out as possible regarding the organisation you are tendering to. This will make you stand out from other concrete contractors that are putting together a proposal. Get to know their organisational objectives and their values. You can then include a section that informs the buyer that you are aware of their future developments, and demonstrate how you can help them to achieve these goals. Simply stating that you have the necessary qualifications and experience is not enough, you need to demonstrate your understanding with plenty of examples of similar work you have completed in the past. And, don’t forget the importance of added value – these are the benefits you can bring that the company didn’t specifically ask for. Only input these once you have addressed the core requirements. Your response also needs to be prepared in line with evaluation criteria, focusing on the areas with the biggest percentage. Finally, keep competing construction contractors in mind, and show that you can potential manage legal, commercial and financial risks.

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