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About Us "Delivering Global Geotechnical Solutions"

We are specialists in providing piled foundations of varying sizes and complexities for projects throughout the UK and internationally. Our aim is to supply a service that meets all of our clients’ requirements while executing the project professionally, to the highest quality, on time and within budget.

Yallem is a piling company specialising in CFA and restricted access/low headroom projects.  The piling solutions we offer are:

  • CFA piles – This solution creates minimum vibration during installation and is suitable for installation in built up areas and against sensitive structures where larger piles are needed.
  • Open bore piles – This solution is used where ground conditions are stable and allows for the construction of an open shaft.
  • Concrete/grout injection piles – This solution is used when there is a requirement to form piles in less stable ground conditions.
  • Temporary cased piles – This solution is used when there is a requirement to minimise the disturbance of the ground or there are unstable ground conditions in the upper strata’s.
  • Driven piles – These types of piles are installed using small rigs which are designed to accommodate the domestic markets.
  • Yallem also offer contiguous and secant piled retaining structures
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