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About Us "More Than Just a Brick and Stone Supplier..."

ST Brick and Stone specialise in three main areas:-

  • Brick Specials – Structural Arches, Brick Slips and special shaped bricks.  In fact anything odd with bricks!
  • We are a Candiwall Brick Slip System agent. This new to the UK insulated real brick slip system that is both cost effective, and easy to use and is especially useful when it is essential to maintain a traditional or contemporary brick façade with lightweight construction methods and demanding insulation values.
  • All aspects of Cast Stone.  We can help with concept, design, finding the right supplier with the right quality and installation.  In fact, with 28 years of experience on offer, we may just be able to help where others struggle.

We can also help with all manner of other brick and stone cladding systems through our network of specialist suppliers, so if you need a bit of help, do please get in touch.  07720 215147

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  • ST Brick And Stone

    ST Brick and Stone now have the ability to supply high quality Canadian Timber Cladding. Pre painted with semi translucent or solid colours. New web site pages due in 2018. So this is hot off the press.