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About Us

RM Contractors UK Limited are a nationwide cleaning, repair and maintenance contractor serving the entire UK.

Established for some 25 years and founded on the basis of an open and honest approach from the outset, RM Contractors are privileged to work for a wide range of clients across a variety of sectors.Our experience has lead us to believe that the best way forward is to sit down with our clients, listen to your requirements and thereafter develop an agreed specification for the works, from this we will provide you with a competitive quotation.

We straddle a number of sectors and have expertise and experience across our departments. Our services include:

Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive blast cleaning is a process that involves using a range of abrasive media propelled by compressed air to obtain excellent cleaning and surface preparation for secondary finishing operations.

Blast cleaning can be carried out dry, or with a small amount of water to suppress dust and give a more gentle clean, for total dust-free operation vacuum-blasting is the answer.

Commercial Cleaning

We have considerable experience within the commercial sector, we are diverse in our approach to cleaning therefore in the commercial sector we can offer our clients a focused standard of work using the procedures that we have in place and without compromise. Once cleaned, and depending on the surface/structure we can offer the client innovative protective coatings which considerably reduce the need for intense cleans in the future and allow cost reduction in the long run.

Industrial Cleaning

We routinely carry out industrial level cleans to high standards and our project experience has ranged from food production areas to a company that make car dashboards, from soap factories to empty warehouses.

Please get in touch with any requirements you may have, the RM Contractors team are here to help.

Our Expertise

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