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About Us "Prevent, Protect, Repair_"

Mr Scratch are Cosmetic Repair Experts highly experienced in working with Glass, Metal, Stone and all other hard surface materials. As a team of Fine Finishers we work to Prevent, Protect and Repair saving our clients both Time and Money.

We specialise in Re-Surfacing, Scratch Removal, Polishing and Spray Coatings, lending our expertise to many sectors including Construction, Residential, Hotel, Marine and Commercial.

Glass Repair

Replacing glass when it has been scratched, defaced or vandalised can be time consuming and costly. Using our processes, the removal of this damage is simple and far more cost effective than replacing the glass, restoring it back to its original self. At Mr Scratch our unique polishing systems have been developed to provide finishing of the highest quality using the most efficient processes.

Metal Polishing

From satin finishes to a full deep mirror shine, we use a series of different techniques to restore & finish new or existing metal materials to the finish you require.

Stone Polishing

Natural stone is a porous material that can show imperfections over time. Without proper maintenance it will lose its shine and become dull and dirty. Using our high standards of craftsmanship and restoration skills we can return your natural stone surfaces back to their original pristine condition.

Domestic Repairs

We prepare and resurface any chipped, cracked or scratched surfaces, matching to your exact specification, achieving an invisible finish.

Manifestation & Window Film

We offer a full supply and installation service for a range of window film products. Whatever your requirements, our comprehensive range of films are designed to meet your needs.

Protective Spray Coatings

Mr Scratch ScratchSmart™ Shield Spray Coatings is a liquid applied protectant, which forms a skin tight bond with most non-porous surfaces. No matter what size or shape, one single application offers protection of your surfaces for up to 12 months.

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