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About Us

Eco Flooring UK are a unique Specialist Contractor with expertise in reclaimed parquet flooring.

We specialise in design, supply and installation of reclaimed parquet flooring and we serve the entire UK. We pride ourselves on good, old-fashioned hard work, craftsmanship and dedication. Providing clients with stunning Reclaimed Floors that can truly last a lifetime.

Founded in 2008, Eco Flooring UK has amassed a wealth of knowledge and skill. Our team are master craftsmen where reclaimed is concerned and our sympathetic approach to restoration is second to none. Eco Flooring has firmly placed itself as a leading contender in the UK wood-flooring marketplace,  specialising in the supply and installation of top quality, reclaimed solid wood flooring with the most amazing results.

Eco Flooring UK is a family run business and our approach is based on the principle of old-fashioned customer service where client satisfaction is our absolute priority alongside the supply of the highest quality wood flooring solutions which are only ever ethically sourced either via reclamation or from managed woodland.

If you’d like to find out more, please contact us for an enquiry today.

Our Expertise

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