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About Us "Strong in Steel Since 1974."

The Alpine Group is a family run Specialist Contractor with expertise in fabrication and all things steelwork.

Alpine Group have a unique OneSource business model, which means that clients come to Alpine not just for structural steel, but architectural features. And, because our senior people come from an engineering background, we understand steel purlins, metal decking, cladding, cantilevered staircases, groundworks, structures and architects’ plans.

We’ve embraced new technology, but you’ll still find a traditional anvil in use at our workshop in Hampshire. Computers and CAD packages are important. So is craftsmanship and a respect for our trade.

One thing we know for certain – successful delivery of building projects requires each party to meet their promise. At Alpine Group we promise realistically, and deliver without compromise.

The Alpine Group provides drawing and design, steel fabrication, installation teams and comprehensive Health and Safety documentation. We welcome all enquiries and look forward to hearing from you.


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Alpine Group stood out, on what was a very tricky project, and approached everything with a very positive attitude. The team that worked on our project were extremely professional throughout and assured that the client’s expectations were met and often exceeded. The quality of work was second to none and I would have no hesitation in working with them on our upcoming projects.

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