Commercial Concrete Contractors – Sending Invitations To Tender

Commercial concrete contractors are widely available today, and if you have found a contractor that you are happy with, you may wish to send them an invitation to tender. To do this, you will need to put together an invitation document, and below we will reveal what should be included in this.

When sending concrete contractors invitations to tender, you must begin by defining the contract, and you need to provide the start date and the completion date for the project. Part two should feature the ‘Conditions of Contract’. Use simple language to explain all commercial details. Next, a pricing schedule should be included, followed be details regarding the scope of services or work required by the construction contractors in question. If there are any procedural requirements, now would be the time to highlight them. A good example of this would be any third party inspections. Next, we have the specification, which can either be a ‘performance’ specification or a ‘technical’ specification. In regards to the former, the concrete firm is free to decide how best to meet your requirements. With a technical specification, it is up to you to give complete details regarding the work that needs to be undertaken. After this, include any relevant plans or drawings, and then list details surrounding free issue goods, if applicable. You also must include details about the submission of bids, including a precise location and time. State the date of bid opening, whether it will be open or closed bidding, and make it clear that late bids will not be accepted. Finally, list the terms and conditions anticipated if a contract is agreed.

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