Building Demolition Contractors And The Importance Of Record Keeping

Building demolition contractors are often required at the start of construction and development projects. Your demolition contractors may be the first of many outside firms that assist throughout the project. No matter how many contractors you hire, one thing that is vital is proper record keeping, and below we reveal the reasons why.

So many construction companies neglect their duty to keep proper records. As a project manager or quantity surveyor, this is something you will typically be responsible for, and it can save you a lot of money if it has been done correctly. With effective record keeping, you will be able to recover your complete entitlements to payment for work that has been done. It also ensures that you only pay out what is properly due to contractors and suppliers. You will also be able to protect your position if a dispute does arise. There are many different types of record keeping that will occur throughout a project, including video recordings, photographs, events and activities, meeting minutes, diaries, labour returns and time allocations, and progress reporting. In fact, record keeping should be used to explain anything that has been done, when it happened, and why. It is all about discipline and habit when it comes to keeping and maintaining records. You need to ensure there is a clear understanding of what records should be keep and when in the project cycle they should be updated, and who is responsible for preparing these records.

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