Building Contractors London – How To Win More Work

Building contractors London are used to working on a variety of different projects, but what they may not have as much experience of is the bidding process. In the early stages, it is likely that much work comes from local advertising and word of mouth recommendation. But as your business grows, you may want to take advantage of working on larger projects, whether public or private sector run. To stay ahead of the game, construction contractors need to be aware of the construction bidding process and how to maximise their chances of being selected for the project in hand.

Specialised Construction Contractors Should Identify Their Strengths

Firstly, what is construction bidding? It is the process by which a procurement professional, whether that’s the project manager, the developer or architect for instance, selects specialist building or roofing contractors London for some or all of the stages of their project. Often, contractors are required to put in a detailed tender, specifying the work that will be carried out, the materials that will be used, the projected timescales and the cost. How detailed that needs to be will depend on the complexity of the project. Essentially, professionals will be aiming to bring all elements of the project in on time and to budget, whether they are hiring experienced lift maintenance contractors or cladding specialists. They will also know that the right quality standards of work will be in place. So the selection of London building contractors might be decided on the basis of an accurate cost estimate, the contractor’s experience and qualifications, or their reputation for delivering quality – or a combination of all three. The process of bidding on projects can be made much easier by contractors if they prepare some of the standard paperwork in advance. While every proposal should be individually tailored to the project concerned, there is some overlap in the kinds of information that will be required. Keep copies of previous proposals you have submitted, for instance, as this may help with submitting routine data from limited company numbers to background and numbers of employees and so on. Make sure you have copies of your company’s health and safety policies, quality standards statements, accreditations and so on. Also have key financial data to hand.

Other Methods Of Promoting Your Building Contractors In London

While it may take time away from the ‘day job’, it’s vital that you make promoting your business a priority when you are bidding for work, whether you are a roofing specialist or commercial building contractors London based. This should be an ongoing process. Often, tenders must be submitted at short notice, and if you have not been building a profile for your company all along, you are at risk of missing out to a contractor who has. One way to ensure that your bid stands out above others is to know the added value you can offer. Examine the track record, working methods and advertising of your competitors. This may clarify an aspect that you do well or can give better evidence of than another company when it comes to submitting a bid. Spend time making sure your website is professional and informative. Include a good number of case studies of previous projects, preferably covering the full range of what your firm is capable of doing. Illustrate these with videos to make your firm stand out from the crowd. Finally, advertise the fact that you have accreditations and membership of any appropriate professional bodies; and ensure you offer generous warranties for work carried out by your firm. These factors can give professionals choosing between building contractors in London the confidence that you are prepared to adhere to industry standards and have faith in the quality of your own work. When it comes to finding tenders to bid on, Construction Link Limited can open up a wealth of opportunity.

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